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Can I Drive While High on Marijuana in Seattle, Wa?


Can you drive while high on marijuana in the state of Washington? The answer is no, yes marijuana is legal for recreational use, but it also comes with strict laws. As of 2014, if you are 21 years old or older, you can purchase medical marijuana for recreational uses. You are only allowed to have 1 ounce on your person.

You are permitted to offer the marijuana you buy to others; but, you are not allowed to sell it anytime for a profit. This is against the law. You have to use the marijuana in your home. You are not authorized to smoke it freely in public places, nor are you permitted to drive under the influence of it either.


If you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol here in Washington, you will be issued with a DUI. What type of penalty will you be facing? It all depends on the severity of what you have been caught with. The offense can be met with anything from a small fine and revoking the license to jail time. Let’s have a look down below.

1)If you are 21 years of age and older, your BAC(Blood Alcohol Level)has to be at a 0.08%.
2)If you are driving a commercial vehicle, with a BAC at 0.04%
3)If you are 21 years of age or younger, the limit is set to 0.02%.

Now, you can receive separate notifications for the same DUI situation. If you are arrested for the DUI, your license will be taken away. It will be suspended starting from 60 days after the arrest. Mow depending on the severity, you could have your license suspended for at least 90 days to 2 years.


Your case could be severe enough to warrant court time. Once you reach the courts, your fate could have other determining factors. Mostly, though, the charges will be as followed:

1)If your BAC level is up to or beyond the 0.15% range, you could face a license suspension up to 90 days. You could also face jail time anywhere from 1 day to 1 year. The fines could range anywhere from $940-5,000.

2)If the levels or beyond 0.15% you could face jail time from 2 days to 1 year. Your license could also be suspended for one year.

If you refuse to take the test, things will get worse. Take the above scenarios and double them.


As of 2014, if you are 21 years old or older, you can purchase medical marijuana for recreational uses. You are only allowed to have 1 ounce on your person. You can offer the marijuana you buy to others; but, you are not permitted to sell it anytime for a profit. This is against the law. You have to use the marijuana in your home. You are not allowed to smoke it freely in public places, nor are you authorized to drive under the influence of it either. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana in Seattle, contact our Seattle DUI attorney immediately.

Woman Dead After Struck by Metrolink Train In Rancho Cucamonga.

A Rancho Cucamonga woman, 88, was killed after a Metrolink train hit her vehicle Tuesday around 12 p.m., according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials.

The crash was reported before 12:30 pm on the tracks close to Vineyard Avenue and 8th St., leading to 8th St. being closed between Hellman and Vineyard avenues, the Sheriff’s reports claim.

The woman was killed in her vehicle as she was struck by the train; she is a Rancho Cucamonga resident, authorities said.

It remains unapparent whether the vehicle was attempting to cross the tracks before the train arrived or not.

The incident resulted in at least one additional Los Angeles-bound train being delayed, according to Scott Johnson of Metrolink.

75 passengers were onboard the train at the time of the crash; the train was traveling eastbound to San Bernardino.

Scott Johnson stated the crossing arms were down, and the lights and alarms were working properly before the crash.

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One Dead in Fatal Santa Ana Car Accident

On the morning of August 7th, a man in his early twenties was killed while attending to his broken down car. This tragic accident occurred in Santa Ana on the southbound 5 Freeway.

The man was determined to be Juan Cuevas-Camano, a local of Lake Forest, California.

According to California Highway Patrol, Cuevas-Camano had pulled his Honda Accord off the road and stepped out after an accident. Neither his emergency flashers or headlights were on upon the fatal crash that followed.

Cuevas-Camano was hit and killed by a Toyota RAV4 traveling at reasonable speeds while attempting to push his vehicle to a safe location.

The 59-year-old woman driving the RAV4 was diagnosed with no critical injuries. The California Highway Patrol said she was not taken into custody following the accident.

The investigation of the crash called for the closure of the Grand Avenue Highway.  The freeway was reopened approximately 3 hours following the collision.

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How I Committed To Living A Healthy Lifestyle By Pursuing a Health and Wellness Coach Career

When I discovered I was pregnant with my son, I weighed 119 pounds and was a model in Portland Oregon. I had always had an extremely fast metabolism. I never had to work out, I could eat whatever I wanted, and I was so confident in myself. However, I had never actually lived a healthy lifestyle.

My pregnancy was anything but easy. I had morning sickness for six months straight, I had severe constipation, exhaustion, I had extremely low iron and hypoglycemia that would cause me to pass out if I remained standing for more than five minutes. But worst of all, I weighed 199 pounds the day I gave birth to my son. That’s a total of 80 pounds of pregnancy weight gain. I knew this had a lot to do with my unhealthy lifestyle choices before, and during my pregnancy. Let’s face it, being a woman is hard enough with the cravings that mother nature gives us during that special time of the month, but it’s nothing compared to being a pregnant woman.

Pregnant women are mostly ravenous throughout the whole day, and the cravings are out of control. In my case, I craved anything chocolate related. I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat a piece of cake every single night. I ate whatever I wanted and thought nothing of it because I was pregnant and getting fatter anyways. The average weight gain of a woman during her pregnancy is 20 pounds. I tripled that during my pregnancy. Towards the end of my pregnancy, all I wanted to do was give birth so I could start working on my body again.

When I had my son, I soon realized that sleeping and spending time with my baby came before my health and my body. Having a healthy lifestyle seemed to slip my mind at that point. When my son was about four months old, I started to work out to Richard Simmons exercise tapes in my living room and eating healthy. I lost a good 20 pounds doing this and then I just stopped and decided that I wanted to eat delicious ‘not so healthy’ food again. When my son was about nine months old, I got a treadmill for my birthday, and I started walking for 30 minutes every day on it and eating healthy again. I got all of my weight off but 30 pounds by the time my son was about 13 months old. Then I went back to my lazy lifestyle again, and I stayed at the same weight.

Start a successful career today where you can make healthy changes in others lives today!

Now my son is going to be two years old next month, and I have decided to buckle down and get the rest of this weight off. Every day for the last month I have worked out for 30 minutes every day and been eating an all clean diet. (Except for the occasional chocolate cravings). I am now only 19 pounds away from my goal, and I couldn’t be happier! This strict regimen has given me more energy, more confidence, and I’m feeling better and better about myself every day. Being a mom is hard work, but if you set your mind to it, you can find the time and the energy to make your body the way you want it to be. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important for your present and your future. There are careers that allow you to help others such as a health coach or a life coach.

By becoming a certified life coach or health coach, you are able to in charge of your very own business where you can make a difference in other people’s lives. I myself have started to pursue a career where I can make a difference and work in a career that I actually enjoy. As a full-time mom, having the time to start a new career can be difficult. But becoming a certified health coach couldn’t be easier. We just attending a few classes you can finally get started on your dream career that you have always wanted. If you are interested in becoming a certified life coach or health and wellness coach in your state, contact our website at

Drowsy Driving Is Drunk Driving

Good drivers don’t drive under the influence. Drunk driving has been highly advertised to the point where most reasonable people are aware of its effects and will make sure to avoid turning the key, most adults drink with friends or at a bar meaning there will most likely be at least one other supervision which is better than none.

‘A car crashed and turned over to its side on Highway 14 after the driver fell asleep at the wheel, Vancouver, WA.’

‘Drowsy driver caused crash that killed two people along Highway 9 near Marysville.’

‘A motorcyclist died Sunday night in an accident on Interstate 405, caused by the driver of a car who fell asleep at the wheel.’

These are few of the many incidents that appeared from a simple google search with the keywords: drowsy driving Washington State. These are harsh results from societal exhaustion. Due to the economy and wealth distribution system; people are working longer hours, a surging increase in sleep apnea and acute insomnia in adults, and high school and college students stay up for in 24-48 hours intermittently to study for tests or finish papers.

Sleep deprivation and automobile use is a fatal combination. There were 10 deaths and 77 serious injuries in Washington during 2013 that were declared caused by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Drowsy drivers are involved in an estimated 21% of all fatal crashes. Nationwide, drowsy drivers have caused 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries and more than 100,000 accidents each year, according to the AAA Foundation.

A study by researchers in Australia showed that being awake for 18 hours produced an impairment equal to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .05, and .10 after 24 hours; .08 is considered legally drunk in Washington state.

The only way to change the mindset and habits about driving without having slept in over 20 hours is to implement laws and penalties, similar to drunk driving prevention three decades ago. Every Washington driver, every law enforcement, every judge needs to fully grasp the seriousness of drowsy driving. There needs to be changed.

Drowsy driving kills, injures and shatters lives just the same as drunk drivers do. Ask the family and friends of those lost or injured due to drowsy driving. Just ask my cousin.

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Deaf Driver On Trial Reckless Driving Comic-Con

The trial of a deaf driver who pummelled into a group of people in the streets of San Diego during the 2014 Comic-Con “Zombie Walk” event, critically injuring a woman, delegations continue Tuesday.

The conviction of Matthew Pocci, currently being prosecuted for reckless driving, will be apparent soon. The case is deciding whether Pocci drove through the Zombie Walk participants out of anger and frustration, or whether he was frightened and panicking, losing control of his vehicle intending no harm.

This Monday, Pocci attended the stand for a final tie, retelling his interpretation of the story. He claims he didn’t believe a sign language interpreter, who assisted with the statements in his police report, understood what he wanted to say when the documents were filed.

“I’m fluent; I use my body, I use my signs, I use my facial expressions for everything, ” Pocci added through an ALS interpreter. “And how he was trying to interpret what I was saying, I’m not really sure that he got everything correct.”

Pocci claims being alarmed after looking back over the police report. “When I saw the police report, I said, ‘I never said that,'” Pocci testified.

Officer Jeff Gross from the San Diego Police Department, the ALS interpreter Pocci refers to, testified that of the incident he was ALS certified after he passed the test 10 before the crash but did not take the necessary classes to have his certification up to date.

Gross explains he thought Pocci signed the word “anger” and asked for clarification in which Pocci spelled out “frustration” by signing. Pocci was “frustrated” due to not being able to communicate with the crowd in his preference.

During Campbell’s testimony, Pocci wiped tears from his eyes as the victim recounted the terrifying ordeal

Prosecutors claim Pocci was angry and impatient when he ran into Campbell at the others, but the defense proclaims Pocci was frightened by the people dressed in zombie costumes and panicked, driving into the

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Motorcyclist Collides With Pickup In Deadly Crash

North Portland Sunday night a motorcyclist died after being in a crash with a pickup truck, according to police.

The motorcyclist was Joshua Michael Terry, and he died later at the scene of the incident at around 8:30 p.m. at the 6100 block of N. Marine Drive. The 20-year-old motorcyclist was accompanied by additional cyclists and were heading east from Kelly Point Park when the collision occurred.

Investigators believe Terry and the others, members of a car and motorcycle enthusiast group called Red Door Meet, were travelling more than 100 mph at the time, evidence concludes one rider performed a wheelie.

When authorities arrived, they discovered both Terry and the 24-year-old driver of the pickup truck suffering from life-threatening injuries. The pickup truck was headed east from Kelly Point Park as well; the truck did a U-turn on Marine Drive. The motorcyclist, Terry, slammed into the side of the pickup, instantly killing him and severely injuring the pickup driver.

The investigation is still ongoing, and no apparent citations have been issued as of now.

Accidents, unfortunately, occur at any time and anywhere. Taking the necessary driving precautions allows you to react accordingly to obstructions, vehicles and weather-inflicted road conditions.

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Accident Involving 19 Marines Leaves 6 Marines Critically Injured And One Dead

Friday, a vehicle rollover accident injures 18 Marines, six of which were listed in critical condition. A multi-ton truck carrying the Marines flipped onto a paved road at Camp Pendleton, killing a 21-year-old corporal who was from Louisiana, according to officials.

Luckily, eight of the troops sustained no injuries, and four were treated and discharged from the medical facilities in San Diego County with no life-altering injuries, the Marine Corps. said. 1st Lieutenant Colleen McFadden said all the 19 Marines were from the 1st Marine Division.

The identity of the killed Marine was released by the Marine Corps. Shortly after the accident in a statement, his name was Bryan Michael Lauw from Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Lauw was an anti-tank missileman from the division’s 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. He served aboard an assault ship in Central America and South America during his career.

“After this tragic training accident, our first concern is for the welfare of our deceased Marine, the injured and their families,” Maj. General Daniel J. O’Donohue, the commanding general of 1st Marine Division, said in a statement Friday. “They are held close in our hearts and prayers.”

The accident remains under investigation. The trucks are commonly used to transport Marines and supplies, however it is unclear whether it hit something, experienced a mechanical failure or was traveling at a high speed that afternoon on Basilone Road. There were no additional vehicles involved in the accident, McFadden stated.

Authorities believed the investigation may take months.

The truck the Marines were in is the workhorse for the Navy and Marine Corps, it carries troops, supplies, and heavy equipment. The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement is built to travel over any terrain and operate in extreme weather, ranging from minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a deceiving Hulk appearance, as it can ford 5 feet of water, climb a 60-percent gradient and navigate a 30-degree slope. It can also carry 15 tons over the highway and up to 7 tons off-road.

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Woman Dead After Collision in Caroline VA

A Beaverdam woman is dead after a two vehicle crash in Caroline County Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the crash happened on Ladysmith Road and Anderson Mill Road when a truck turned over onto a 2007 Pontiac as it went around a curve and crossed the double yellow line. The truck spilled logs and limbs onto the car and the roadway.

The driver of the truck, 50-year-old Gary E. Hudson, of Unionville, Virginia, was not injured in the crash. He was wearing a seat belt.

The driver and sole occupant of the 2007 Pontiac, Gwendolyn L. Gray, 64 of Beaverdam, Virginia, died at the scene. Police say she was not wearing a seat belt.

Hudson was travelling at unsafe speeds around a corner known to cause accidents. It took crews 3 hours to remove debris from the wreckage, in order to remove Gray from her car.

The horrific accident was caught on tape from a local Supermarket surveillance camera, Gray has just filled her car with gas before the crash occurred.

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Pedestrian Stuck and Killed in Newport Beach

Police have now identified the body of a male that was struck and killed near a major street early Wednesday morning.  Investigators stated that 44-year-old Costa Mesa resident Darin Wells, was found dead early that morning.  It is still uncertain if the 44-year-old Costa Mesa man was hit while crossing the street or if the driver hit him while he was on the shoulder of the road.

Police reported that a female was driving a Audi A3 sedan southbound when she hit Darin Wells.  The female driver stayed at the scene of the accident and didn’t sustain any injuries.  Investigators reported that drugs or alcohol was not involved, and no arrest have been made.

The southbound lanes of Newport Boulevard between Hospital Road and Industrial Way remained closed off while the investigation was underway.  Closures were lifted around 7:30 a.m.

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