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What Qualifies as a Disability in the Eyes of the SSA? 

Consider it a disability or health constraint, frequently manifested in an individual’s appearance, speech, movement, or use of assistive technologies.

Any medical condition that prohibits a someone from working prior to reaching retirement age may entitle them to financial aid through Social Security Disability benefits.

However, Social Security has a very clear definition of what constitutes a disability. And the vast majority of applicants for Social Security Disability benefits are denied.

The distinction with Social Security is that it views disability exclusively through the perspective of labor.

To determine whether an applicant is eligible for benefits, the government considers how their specific health impairments preclude them from performing the jobs that their employment record supports.

This requires applicants for disability benefits to furnish thorough information about themselves, their medical conditions, and their job history. What appears to be a “disability” on the surface may or may not qualify for Social Security Disability.

A certain type of lawyer—a Social Security Disability lawyer—assists individuals in navigating these challenges.

Disability attorneys can serve as an educational resource for individuals who are having difficulty navigating the procedure. Geary Disability Law in Wisconsin developed this five-step approach to determining whether you match the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.

The government requires individuals to go through a series of stages in order to receive financial assistance for major health conditions. This is intended to eliminate errors, but it also creates a convoluted system for those who must deal with it.

Disability attorneys are committed to making the procedure as simple as possible for those who are disabled.

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