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Multiple DUI Related Accidents Take Place In Seattle

If you are stopped by the Washington State Patrol and charged with a DUI that is an arrest that will cost the DUI driver approximately $10,000 and will make a tremendous impact on your life. If you have been involved in a Seattle DUI accident, and there are injuries or even death, this is a life-altering event both for the driver and everyone else involved. In a case like this, the DUI driver should contact a Seattle DUI attorney or criminal defense attorney immediately. The longer one waits, the more vague details get, so it is imperative to schedule a free consultation today.

DUI Related Accidents

Outside Seattle near Tumwater, early Saturday morning, a DUI accident occurred on I-5 killing one person and injuring others. The accident took place before six a.m. when there was a collision between the two cars in the northbound lanes near milepost 100, reports Trooper Guy Gill. The report didn’t mention the BAC level, but because someone died, the driver is charged with vehicular homicide.

The next night in Seattle, three vehicles were involved in a crash with similar horrific results. There was one death, and three injuries reported according to KIRO-TV news. The accident also occurred on I-5, and State Troopers reported that the driver was a 21-year-old male under the influence. In his car was a 23-year-old female passenger who was DOA.

The DUI driver also injured three other passengers, but both drivers, one driving an SUV and the other in a blue passenger vehicle were arrested for vehicular homicide because the cause of this tragic accident is suspected to be road rage. Washington Statute 46.61.520 states that vehicular homicide will be charged if the person injured dies within three years of the accident, if the driver was found under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was driving recklessly.

A person driving under the influence finds it harder to make quick decisions, and the choices they do make will not be safe ones. When under the influence, it is more prevalent for that person, male or female, to speed, weave through traffic, run stop signs, become distracted and operate the vehicle recklessly. If you have been involved in a dangerous situation like either of these while under the influence, don’t try to handle anything by yourself. Contact our Seattle DUI attorney’s at Dellino Law Group and learn your rights about this crash today.