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How Do California Employment Laws Affect Workers and Employers?

Countless amount of factors affects the level of success of businesses. Making effective decisions determine whether business owners will be able to reach new heights of achievement or find themselves in the familiar pitfalls that most companies fall into. A crucial decision business owners must be able to make to determine whether or not hiring a specialized business attorney would be able to assist them in making the best choices for their business. An outstanding example of a situation that business attorneys would be useful in advising their clients is when the clients are contemplating about reorganizing their business.

Decisions like determining whether a corporation or an LLC is more suitable for a business is an issue that business attorneys can assist in. After making a decision, it’s important for a business attorney to be present to help with the distribution of stock options for founders, determining which state the corporation is based out of, and determining the details of the rights of the intellectual property. Business lawyers provide valuable services for any company that wants to register their products or services through the copyright and trademark processes of that specific state. Also, it is recommended to have a business lawyer present during any signing or writing of contracts to ensure satisfaction amongst the parties.

It is important for business owners to be aware of particular zoning and safety laws in California. Our San Deigo business lawyers are hired to take care of all the negotiations and legal complexities for commercial real estate. Also, business attorneys are hired to teach business owners about any occupational safety and hazard laws that their company needs to be informed about to avoid any legal trouble. Companies run the risk of being sued, and damaging their profit margins and reputations, if they do not adequately protect themselves by consulting an attorney about the regulations they must abide by.

Another type of attorney that businesses are recommended to consult with to protect themselves from legal trouble are employment attorneys. The role of an employment attorney is to safeguard businesses from being sued over discrepancies in the hiring and firing processes. Liabilities that are important to discuss with an attorney are discrimination laws, employee classifications (like whether an independent contractor or employee is most fitting for the job), or any lawsuits that may arise from harassment or unsafe working conditions.


Also, it is important to have an employment attorney review any and all documents relating to their employees to assure that no policies or contracts violate any state or federal laws. Along with having a reliable and trustworthy accountant, businesses must consider having a competent and fair attorney that can help with any legal issues that may take place to ensure the success of that business.