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Deaf Driver On Trial Reckless Driving Comic-Con

The trial of a deaf driver who pummelled into a group of people in the streets of San Diego during the 2014 Comic-Con “Zombie Walk” event, critically injuring a woman, delegations continue Tuesday.

The conviction of Matthew Pocci, currently being prosecuted for reckless driving, will be apparent soon. The case is deciding whether Pocci drove through the Zombie Walk participants out of anger and frustration, or whether he was frightened and panicking, losing control of his vehicle intending no harm.

This Monday, Pocci attended the stand for a final tie, retelling his interpretation of the story. He claims he didn’t believe a sign language interpreter, who assisted with the statements in his police report, understood what he wanted to say when the documents were filed.

“I’m fluent; I use my body, I use my signs, I use my facial expressions for everything, ” Pocci added through an ALS interpreter. “And how he was trying to interpret what I was saying, I’m not really sure that he got everything correct.”

Pocci claims being alarmed after looking back over the police report. “When I saw the police report, I said, ‘I never said that,'” Pocci testified.

Officer Jeff Gross from the San Diego Police Department, the ALS interpreter Pocci refers to, testified that of the incident he was ALS certified after he passed the test 10 before the crash but did not take the necessary classes to have his certification up to date.

Gross explains he thought Pocci signed the word “anger” and asked for clarification in which Pocci spelled out “frustration” by signing. Pocci was “frustrated” due to not being able to communicate with the crowd in his preference.

During Campbell’s testimony, Pocci wiped tears from his eyes as the victim recounted the terrifying ordeal

Prosecutors claim Pocci was angry and impatient when he ran into Campbell at the others, but the defense proclaims Pocci was frightened by the people dressed in zombie costumes and panicked, driving into the

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