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Russian Dossier’s Credibility is Growing Substantially

A 35-page dossier compiled by a former British MI-6 operative is developing impressive credibility within law enforcement. Before Donald Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States, he denied the document, but new sources are providing information including that investigators are continuing to look into whether the allegations could be genuine.

Currently, it’s rumored that Russian government agencies have gathered damaging information on the current President Trump during his prior years as a businessman and private citizen. The FBI is currently leading the investigation. However, several other intelligent agencies are collaborating as well. Usually, an extensive investigation such as this would involve the sources and methods of the CIA and NSA. CNN was the first to report the dossier that the intelligent community was investigating.

The dossier was first introduced to U.S. intelligence officials months ago; it took a while for it to circulate to the public. A U.S. official who’s investigating the document’s origins believes that even people who disregarded it initially have now become to acknowledge how serious the document may be.

This is mainly because statements Trump made as a Republican candidate on his campaign trail, according to several government officials. While the former Obama administration was denouncing the Russian’s efforts to influence the past election through cyber attacks to favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, Republican nominee Donald Trump consistently praised Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Essentially, the dossier’s existence was confirmed after the FBI Director James Comey brief the president-elect Donald Trump about the content of the allegations.

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